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Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT)

Miller MarineServicesUltrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT)
ultrasonic impact treatment (uit) for navy

Miller Marine (ABR certified) and Empowering Technologies (Ultrasonic peening OEM) have exclusively partnered to offer turnkey ship repair services and Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT) to the naval industry.

Specialized in sensitized 5XXX and 6XXX aluminum repairs, our services include:

  • Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT certified operators and inspectors)
  • Weld repair (NAVSEA and ABS certified welders)

These services are supported by our expert’s teams to establish proper PCP works instructions and ensure compliance with NAVSEA standards; Ref NAVSEA Memo 05D/129 (CG47 Class) & 05D/451 (LCS Class).



    • Exclusive Tech Rep for ETI (009-90)
    • PCP Writing (Welding & UIT)
    • 25 certified welders
    • 15 UIT certified operators and inspectors
    • Over 150 weld certifications
    • Operating worldwide
    • Proven experience on several CG and LCS ships (USS Mobile Bay, USS Cowpens, USS Gabrielle Gilfords)

 The ultrasonic impact treatment is applied with ETI’s patented STRESSONIC® technology. Miller Marine is trained and certified to operate the rugged handheld system in accordance with NAVSEA standards to shipyards worldwide.

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Miller Marine holds over 150 welding certifications. Contact us for a quote today.


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