Miller Marine operates a fully equipped machine shop facility.

Miller Marine operates a fully equipped machine shop facility to include such services as welding, piping system fabrication & repair, Glass-Reinforced Pipe (GRP) fabrication & installation, sheet metal fabrication & installation, structural plate fabrication & welding, custom machining services, and boat & shipyard services.
The welding processes we use are SMAW, GMAW, Flux Core, and GTAW.

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We offer a full range of marine repair services with the ability to dry berth crafts up to 135 feet in length and the expertise to perform maintenance pier side at non-government facilities. We have the proficiency to completely repair RHIB and other small boats up to 140 feet in length. We are fully certified as an ABR, and permitted to repair most types of Navy, Marine and Coast Guard craft at most Naval, Coast Guard and Marine facilities located throughout the U.S.
Though the majority of our work is for government and military customers, our Specialty Services would include fabricating metal art and interior metals for the general contracting/architectural and professional & public art communities.
Miller Marine holds over 150 welding certifications. Contact us for a quote today.