The Quick-Acting Pipe Clamp

Miller Marine has also developed the patented Quick-Acting Pipe Clamp, an improved version of the US Navy Jubilee Pipe Patch.
Our design dramatically reduces installation time from several minutes to only a few seconds. The new pipe clamp also eliminates the need for installation tools and hardware which can be easily lost in the high stress scenario of a rapidly flooding ship compartment.
Our improved pipe clamp uses the Navy’s Jubilee Pipe Patch design as the baseline for the quality and durability of the materials and construction, and is built to continue meeting the same demanding requirements for quality, durability and reliability that the US Navy has come to expect from the Jubilee Pipe Patch.
With the improvements engineered into the design, the Quick-Acting Pipe Clamp is built to mitigate damage to shipboard equipment and save the lives of Sailors and Marines in the event of an emergency.

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